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Consisting of basic elements that you juxtapose until you get the desired protection, these modular flaps offer you an economical solution by adapting to all the tables of the operating room without heavy fixation.

Our flexible table mounted lower body shields are made up of pieces of protective curtain overlapping.

Waterproof PVC coating for easy cleaning.

Our standard protection is 0.50mm Lead and a height of 70cm, however, we can provide any other configuration.

These shields can be equipped with an optional RFID tag.


Several models are available depending on the type of fixation.

BV3 Model
The basic elements are attached facing each other on each side of the table with Velcro straps under the mattress providing double protection.

The rails are free for accessories.

BV4 Model
Fixed in place by straps around the table top with pinch release buckles

The rails are free for accessories.

BV5 Model
Each basic element is attached to the rails of the table by stainless steel medical hooks.