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All our glasses provide front and side protection and are delivered with a chamoisine, a tightening cord and a storage case.
Our SCHOTT SF-6 (2.8 mm) lead eye pieces are optical 1 quality (the best on the market with transmission of 85% of the visible light). The equivalent protection is 0.75 mm lead for x-ray tension of between 65 KV and 300 KV. Tests carried out in the only laboratory approved in Finland by SGS.


Front : 0.75 mm Pb
Side : 0.50 mm Pb

This contemporary frame offers ideal envelopment and impact protection with a foam insert.
High impact TR-90 nylon frame.
Complies with CE 120 (Europe) and ANSI Z87-2 + (USA) standards.

Weight : 72 g
Frame color : argenté
Ref. F9401



REF. F9000 - Anti-reflection treatment
REF. F9001 - 2 single vision lenses
REF. F9002 - 2 progressive lenses