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With its lead impregnated acrylic visor offering protection from ionising radiation and its adjustable headpiece, these visors can be worn over prescription spectacles.

Front and side eye protection
Dual adjustable headpiece for improved comfort.
Visa can be positioned at any angle.

WEIGHT : 437 g

Level of reduction :

93% at 60 kV
89,2% at 81 kV
85,4% at 102 kV

For your comfort and hygiene, our visors and masks are always delivered with two foam and absorbent cotton washable protections fixed to the frame by Velcro.

Replacement consumables sold in set of two

Can be cleaned with a soft cloth. Abrasive materials can scratch the front lense. Not suitable for high temperature or high-pressure sterilisation.

Our visors are delivered with a protective soft case.